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Hi desert plumbing knows you can fix it yourself. But be careful attempting to repair plumbing issues by yourself. Guaranteed Plumbing (760)486-7806 offers years of plumbing-experience for low prices locally.  Someone took a shortcut. First of all, going from 3-in. pipe to 4-in. is unusual, although it may be required by your local plumbing code. Sometimes vents like this had to be made larger to keep frost from clogging the pipe if you do it yourself.  Say hi to Hi Desert Plumber.

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However, our best guess is that the hi desert plumber stuck a 4-in. pipe through the roof sheathing before the roofers came so they could flash the vent into the shingles.
Tweet us online here The plumber made the inside connections later and either didn’t have a 3-in.-to-4-in. coupling handy or didn’t want the hassle of making a proper connection.
If your trusty toilet has developed cracks or leaks, uses far too much water per flush, or is simply a shade of baby blue not seen in 20 years, it may be time to replace it. You might consider this a good time to put in a call to the plumber. Do it yourself if you can. With many it is not the plan. But it can be all in a day’s work for a reasonably handy do-it-yourselfer. It’s not for the weak, since toilets are heavy and unwieldy, but if you have a strong back (or a sturdy assistant) you can save yourself the cost of a house call by installing and now you can do it yourself.

Here, we asked Guaranteed Plumbing to show how to install a new toilet. The time required varies, but give yourself half a day if you’ve got a lot of experience with plumbing jobs, and a full day if you’re a novice.

Whatever the explanation, the joint doesn’t meet the plumbing code and was bound to leak. Three-inch pipe doesn’t fit tightly into 4-in. Caulk has to fill about a 1/4-in. gap all around. In addition, this joint creates a ledge inside the pipe where water from rainfall can collect. As you might expect, when the caulk eventually fails, a trickle of water will leak through and drip down through the ceiling below.

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The easiest solution is to saw out the caulked joint, removing about 1 in. of pipe (two cuts). Then either glue in a proper 3-in.-to-4-in. PVC coupling or insert a 3-in.-to- 4-in. banded rubber fitting. Hi desert plumber in Victorville loves customers.  Our plumbing consultants prefer the banded fitting because gluing the large PVC fitting in a tight attic space can be difficult, and the solvent fumes in PVC cement can get dangerously intense. (If you use the cement, be sure to wear a respirator with organic solvent cartridges.) The banded fitting has a metal sleeve surrounding a rubber gasket. You’ll probably have to go to a plumbing supply store to find the 3-in.-to-4-in. type.  Stop looking for a better hi desert plumber.

If you work carefully, you won’t disturb the roof flashing. Still, it’s a good idea to spray the flashing area on your roof with a garden hose. Then check the attic to make sure there are no other leaks.

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