Swamp Cooler Repair

$189.00 $189.00

Swamp cooler repair- Pad and pump replacement, cleaning and set up in the High Desert.  Order before 6:00 p.m. and get same day service.


Available in the High Desert this service includes routine maintenance on swamp coolers (recommended annually)
*pad replacement
*re-greased bearings
*pump replacement (if needed)
*pan cleaning
*and minor repairs.
This fee DOES NOT include  roof repairs , electrical repairs , new motor installation, new swamp cooler installation or ductwork.
You can learn more at the Return and refund policy page here.
Swamp coolers are also known as evaporative coolers. Moreover, these services do not refer to a/c or air conditioning. None of the pricing here applies to Air Conditioning repair or maintenance. This link shows this site’s blog on swamp coolers




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