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We would like a quote please.
Our hot water line to the bathtub and shower is clogged. Need the line flushed or blown out. The hot water to the sink in the same bathroom -is fine- as well as the other bathrooms and kitchen. Just the one line is giving us problems.
We also want quotes on the following: Garbage disposal installation, and a bathtub reservoir drain came off and the screw broke. It’s rusted and the broken end is too narrow for the home kit that removes broken screws. We need someone with the right tools and know how to remove that screw.
Price, guarantee and *professionalism* are all factors.

Thank you.

Jimmie McThomas

my kid put a toy in my front bathroom toilet what the estimate cost to remove it

Victorville Plumber

The cost is $125.00 and includes a warranty on the work performed

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