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Dishwasher leaking or clogged? No problem make an appointment today

Dishwashers that leak or have trouble draining can be solved fast with a service from this company.
The air gap is necessary for the drain to work properly and is often the cause of clogged dishwashers. Order a dishwasher service here at our shop. Or call (760)486-7806 and get a free estimate for competitive local pricing.
The dishwasher line can become clogged and cause leaks under the sink. Moreover, the garbage disposal can also become clogged when this happens. Here is a video of a dishwasher clog

When you see water coming out of the air gap on top of your kitchen sink its time to call the plumber. Guaranteed Plumbing in Victorville offers lower prices and fast response times. Its easy to make an appointment online or call today.

Dishwasher leaking? Get it solved with us

The price is lower than you may think to fix this problem and often this dishwasher service will solve several issues. Including clogged garbage disposals, leaking air gaps, leaks under the sink, and dishwashers not draining.
Home automatic dishwasher

If you recently installed a dishwasher or your old one is leaking or failing to drain, make an appointment now. The dirty water overflowing from the air gap could contaminate your kitchen countertop and cause mold.