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Faucet leaks service and repair

Faucet leaks with Guaranteed Plumbing are always guaranteed
Faucet leaks and home repairs are affordable and fast with this 24/7 company in Victorville.  We specialize in leaking pipe repairs , water heater repair and maintenance , plus drain clogs.  If your faucets are leaking it may cause utility costs to rise.  Save money by calling for a free estimate and a friendly plumber will gladly assist you.

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Call (760) 486-7806

* hose-bib repair

* leaking showers

* water heaters

* toilet repair




The Victor-Valley’s number one plumbing company is Guaranteed to satisfy.  Honest and dependable.  Read our review or watch videos on this page.  Call for free quotes in the High Desert.  Bursted pipes will happen , furthermore , trying to fix them by yourself can be a mistake.  A plumber is a phone call away and local to lower overall costs.


Hire an expert at faucet leaks with Guaranteed Plumbing


Faucet leaks , boilers , and stopped drains are difficult plumbing specialties.  Be sure to hire an experience and nearby plumber.  This company is available for service in Phelan , Hesperia , Oak Hills , Adelanto , Helendale , Victorville , Apple Valley and Ore Grande California.  A faucet leak , also known as a “hose bib” leak, is one of many skills we offer.  Although finding a talented plumber you can trust is tricky , we make things easier on you.  Home-owners and business owners alike are raving about our prices just look at our reviews.

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Water loss from faucet leaks are a major problem

Learn more about faucet leaks and water conservation at this site. This plumbing services the Hi-Desert in Victorville , Hesperia , and Apple Valley areas. Make sure you get other estimates , although , be sure to call back when you realize Guaranteed Plumbing has the lowest prices. (760)486-7806 open 24 hours and weekends. Dripping pipes may not seem to be a big deal , yet water bills will rise due to leaking fixtures. call today and save money.

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Faucet repair and installation

Faucet repair and new installations are fast and affordable in the High Desert.
Kitchen and bathroom-sink faucets come in various brands and models.  Each one is made very different from others.  Even Faucets made by the same manufacturing brand do not have interchangeable parts.
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Many repairmen or plumbers cannot repair faucets. While most plumbers charge the same price to repair a faucet as to replace one(not including parts) its common to just recommend replacement. But in some situations the faucet MUST be repaired.
I think this video from youtube might help with this problem.

Comparing Prices on Faucet installation and repairs

In Victorville, Apple Valley, and Hesperia CA plumbing companies may charge hundreds of dollars on repairs even for faucets. Saving money is often a matter of finding a local plumber with the skills necessary to repair your faucet.

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Avoid costly replacement by calling Guaranteed Plumbing (760)486-7806 for a free estimate. Hard-water deposits are common in the High Desert community. These deposits create problems for all types of plumbing fixtures and pipes. Offering Seniors discounts as well as disabled persons. Fair and reasonable Guarantees on work done , and prompt service open 24 hours 7 days a week for service.
Installation for new faucets are always low prices with this plumbing company. Remember when you call a plumber with paid advertisements that those cost are being passed to you(the customer). Handymen are often the first option for homeowners and property management, even some business owners. Most often handymen are not familiar with plumbing issues in which case the only alternative is costly replacement.

Losing water to a dripping faucet can add up. Mold can make you sick.

All work is Guaranteed so any customer or tenant who has questions can contact us and expect a prompt and timely response by phone or in person.