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Water heating repair also serves Hesperia , Apple Valley

Water heating repair and replacement
is available 24 hours a day.  Pay here and get a water-heating repairman within an hour.  Guaranteed Plumbing in Victorville. Free estimates and fast service in Hesperia , Apple Valley , and Phelan, CA. Water heating specialist available 24/7

Do not try and act brave, lighting a water-heater pilot is risking your life. Call the expert at High Desert Plumbing. Leaks can complicate the matter. Services are always guaranteed and water heating is eligible for discounts. Discounts included for seniors , military, and disabled persons. Save yourself the anxiety of attempting a plumbing repair alone. Because different components can break down; alerting a qualified professional is essential.


Water heating specialist for the Victor-Valley.

So honest and friendly on the phone, don’t be afraid to ask for pricing and any other plumbing questions. Drain cleaning is included in our service, and if hot water is coming from the wrong side (left-side) that can be fixed too. Boilers can offer a host of different issues when water heating goes out. If the piezo switch is not working the pilot will not light. If the pilot does not light the thermo-coupler will not allow gas to enter the control valve. Now if the pilot is already lit; but the water-heater is still turning off; the control valve may or may not be the problem.
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Never mess with plumbing or appliances when you have not been trained. Mistakes can result in embarrassment or even death. Consult Robert at Guaranteed plumbing and rest easy. Help is only a phone call away. Dial (760)486-7806 and trust the experience and competence of this plumbing service.

Water heating problems? Not sure if you need the plumber?

ask over the phone, you can compare prices to other nearby plumbing companies and this company will do its best to compete. Plumber also goes to Phelan, Ore Grande, Barstow, Apple Valley, and Adelanto California.

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Fast response water-heater repair, drains, and more

Fast response for plumbing in Victorville, CA.

The High Desert is home to Guaranteed Plumbing. When you have an emergency plumbing problem call anytime, day or night.

When you need the water shut off call Guaranteed Plumbing in the Victor-Valley. Commercial business service and repair. As well as residential plumbing.
Guaranteed Plumbing videos are funny and profound, but sky-high water bills are Not.

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Quick plumbing repairs and lower prices than the competition.  Local service gives you better value and did you know there is free estimates?  Do your family, or business, a favor and get the drains unclogged.

Water-heaters, drain cleaning, and more…

Lighting a water-heater is dangerous. Don’t risk your life, get a fast response , just call this local plumber. (760) 486-7806.

Pilot lighting and general plumbing leaks or installations.  Open 24/7, nevertheless, this is the most reliable plumbing service in the area. Don’t forget to ask about senior and disability-discounts. Saving money is our concern, and so is quality workmanship. Also accepting credit card and debit-card payments. Home owners and tenants contact Us when they need a plumber they can trust. Tested and proven, no plumbing dilemma is too difficult for Me.
Even toilets can be complicated to fix. Some do-it-yourselfers will attempt repairs such as a running toilet. But even a simple problem like that can become much bigger if you refuse to call the experts. One example is a customer of mine who could have paid $59.00 for a running toilet, yet ended up paying $250.00 for a new toilet due to over tightening.
Make the call now (760)486-7806 And sleep easy tonight. Never closed.

Leaks won’t slow down for you, so call us today for a fast response and polite service.
All work is Guaranteed. Relax from the stress of high water-bills and incompetent handymen. Also service in Phelan and Oak Hills California.