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Local plumbing expert for pipe repairs and drain service

Local plumbing expert available in Victorville area for pipe repair and drain plus septic issues.


Get a free estimate with a local plumbing expert at Guaranteed Plumbing.
Pipe repair, fitting pipe

Sometimes the cold weather will cause piping to break.  When looking for discounted plumbing you want to get competitive quotes and hire locally.  High Desert Plumbing (760) 486-7806 is open 24/7 and gives free estimates over the phone.  Save on pipe repair by an experienced professional.  To order a plumber online CLICK HERE.

Better drain and septic prices than our local plumbing competitors

Did we metion honesty is always the policy? This company does not exaggerate or lie. Many failing plumbing companies will overcharge or deceive potential customers, but not this service. Septic system backing up? Call for Guaranteed service. Need your drains pumped? You are covered with Guaranteed Plumbing. Just look at what happened days ago when faulty pipe work caused a dangerous sinkhole in Apple Valley, California. Dont be the next victim of a bad pipe repair.
Floor drain diagram

Feel free to leave an honest review, service area covers Victorville and Adelanto, including Apple Valley and Hesperia California. Furthermore, a local plumbing expert is available in Barstow and the city of Helendale aka Silver-lakes.
Save 10% for seniors , in addition to, our already low prices. The senior discount cannot be combined with other discounts. Take a break from the hassle of pipe repairs and drain failures.
In case of a broken water pipe, ideally, you want to find a shut off and hire a plumber. Indeed , local is better when considering your options.
Dont forget to leave an honest review.
Have you ever wondered why water is coming out of the toilet-base? This could be the sign of a clogged drain. Ignoring a drain stoppage can be costly and require expensive water damage restoration.  Purchase Mainline Drain Service here.  Looking for the best local plumbing in the High Desert? call(760)486-7806

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Rooter and leak detection in High Desert , free quotes

Rooter and leak detection in high desert , free quotes over the phone.

‘Rooter’ is a drain cleaning term that applies to a tool for unclogging pipes.  You need the right service for the right job.  A mainline drain cleaning has a different cost than a toilet clog.   This plumbing company works in

•Victorville, CA

•Hesperia, CA

•Apple Valley,CA

and nearby areas.  Call Guaranteed Plumbing for a trusted company and a caring plumber. Water heating repair specialist is available , plus , all work is guaranteed.
Rooter and leak detection , water heater repair , rooter in high desert , leak detection , boiler , plumbing company

Low prices and credit-card payments accepted. We are local in the Victor-Valley of California. First of all , if you have a drain problem, clogs can be costly and a setback. Hire a service company nearby like this to avoid travel costs , in addition, A plumber who is long distance will charge more to cover their expenses.

Leaks in the wall can be repaired at a reasonable cost. Competitive prices mean this company will match any company’s fair estimate. Remodels require difficult due to pipe and water heater service yet those who do remodels are less often knowledgable in these areas.

Do not hire a “do everything” handyman to connect copper pipes by welding , furthermore , soldering is hard work and maybe dangerous. Make a wrong move while lighting your water heater and it will seem like a bomb went off. Pressure regulators are a device on water lines that can (maybe) fail and cause pressure problems.
Everyday this rooter service performs septic tank services including drain cleaning and snaking the ABS-pipe. Although septic tanks are tricky so call for advice today.

Rooter and leak detection with low prices in the High Desert.

For a fast way to find leaks at a fair price call (760)486-7806 and ask for Robert. This company will offer discounts to senior citizens and military, not limited to , disabled persons , single mothers , and refugees. Do Not trust a septic company that tells you to drain your septic every year.

Inquire about septic issues to save money and avoid wasting time.  Go here for educational water conservation; saveourwater.
If you are not experienced and try to replace parts on a leaking , as well as , bursted pipe, the problem can get worse since pipes can break. Years of trusted plumbing service and happy customers.