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Shower & Bath repair

Shower and bath-tub repair in the Victor Valley is Guaranteed in the High Desert.

Pay to get a shower and bath repair expert on our secure service page ONLY $79.00

Fixing a shower is complex; Notwithstanding,  you found the most experienced plumber to handle your shower-handle, drain that drizzle, and sneak a plug in the tub-leak. No gimmicks, showers are difficult to diagnose the cause, so any changes to the estimate will be avoided.
Shower handles and shower valves are very different in price. Plus to an inexperience shower repairman. Determining how a shower is leaking or obstructed can be as complicated as rocket-science. Another reason to call Guaranteed Plumbing: all brands are in stock and ready to install.

Shower types and models



•Delta •Sterling


•American Standard And more…
Replacing a shower stem is sometimes costly and does not always work. Cartridges are just as tricky, many are made of plastic and an amateur may make things worse.

Fortunately a discount is a phone call away.  Quality is important  for residents of Victorville, CA 92392 and surrounding areas. Leaking Shower heads and dripping bath-tub spouts do more than waste water and money.

Drips drive those people who have to hear it crazy. Showers
Constant leaking from your bath-tub faucet is a real problem that will only get worse. Like many home owners and tenants alike. Nobody likes the problems cause by leaks. It’s unfair to blame the tenant if there is no reason to believe the damage was intentional. Often most problems with the shower in a home or commercial setting can be completed fast and at a low cost. Although it should be expected that the water supply is turned off during repair or replacement. Hesperia California 92345 has thousands of bathroom plumbing issues waiting to meet resolution. Apple Valley, CA 92307 and 92308 are also locations serviced. Shower-stallPlumbing bathrooms in the High Desert of Southern California shower-stalls, bathtubs, bathtub/shower combinations, shower-diverters, and valve installations. Tub and shower pressure problems. Don’t let the ‘drip’make you’trip’get a free estimate on your bathroom repairs.

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