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Slab leak repair will cost more than a pinhole leak

Finished slab leak top view of copper in concrete

Slab leak repair is plumbing language for a leaking pipe under the concrete foundation of a house.
Finished slab leak top-view copper pipe
This video shows a slab leak repaired for hundreds of dollars less than the local competitors. The entire job can last a few hours, nevertheless , you should prepare to be without water all day.
The difficult part about these repairs can be gaining access. After a leak detection is performed (if needed) the plumber will jackhammer concrete around the pipe after having taken steps to prevent cracks.


Fixing a slab leak will actually save money in the long run

Once i have dug up and exposed the copper pipe , the soldering process begins. I do not recommend attempting to weld or braze copper on your own.
Slab leak repair with copper pipe exposed
Next, the water can be turned on and tested for leaks. Remember, the longer the leak goes on the higher your water bill.  Save money and call Guaranteed Plumbing in Victorville, CA.  Pay for a plumber online here
My customer’s best assurance a slab leak repair can provide is not limited to a reduced water bill. When water constantly flows under a house the foundation itself can be undermined (literally). Other repercussions of slab leaks include standing water which in turn produces mosquitoes and leads to the spread of disease.

I notice homeowners are notified by water companies when the water use has spiked. It is not the responsibility of the water company to fix water pipes on your property.

My advice to avoid undermining a valuable property and the stuff inside; fix the slab leak or pinhole leak soon.

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Water pipe leaks and plumbing service

Water pipe repairs in the High Desert

Water pipes can suddenly leak or burst.  Open 24 hours for Victorville, Apple Valley Ca, and Hesperia, CA.  Free Estimates and fast response time.
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Repair leaking water-lines in less time than you expected.  Guaranteed Plumbing always warrantees our work.  If you notice H2O coming out of the wall, or slab, this can be repaired and guaranteed with us.
This is an important water link

Water lines expert repair plumber

Leaks can either be caused by deposit buildup, or many different reasons. From bear valley rd in Victorville, CA. Down all the way down to the Mesa in Hesperia, CA 92345. Low prices for High Desert homes and businesses.

Drain cleaning with fast rooter service. Snake sewer and septic pipe as well.

The high desert is a hard place to find a good plumber. Competition’s company is not always available.

Trusted for many years, Guaranteed Plumbing has references available.
plumbing service in
*Hesperia CA 92345
*Apple Valley, CA
*Adelanto, CA 92301
*Phelan, CA
*Oak Hills, CA
and more.

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Water service

Emergency service for water in the High Desert.
Don’t call corporations and overpay. Some plumbers advertise extreme distances. Overcharging customers is what our competition is good at.
Trust the service at Guaranteed Plumbing in Victorville. Helping the high desert and it’s plumbing problems for years.
Skills include water heater repair. Also leaking pipe repair and drain cleaning.
Voted #1 by customers of Guaranteed Plumbing in Victorville CA 92392.
If you’re looking for an experienced plumber you can look no more.
The High Desert Plumbing company to call is (760)486-7806. Open on weekends no extra charge.
Prices are competitive so shop around and compare.
Arrival time usually within an hour. How much will a leak or drip cost to fix?
Depending on various reasons, prices can be drastically different. Call and ask about senior discounts. We speak Spanish. Not always no-cost quotes. But usually estimates are free.