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Leak Detection Service

Call for a free estimate in the High Desert on Leak Detection services. The price for slab leak repairs can be costly, we recommend performing a leak detection in attempt to pinpoint the location of the leak. Once you know where the leak is , a plan can be formulated to spot-repair or bypass the pipe altogether.

Leak detection in High Desert

Over 20 years experience in leak detection. All services are guaranteed and we have special discounts with water damage mitigation specialists. Our goal is to offer the lowest price to repair water leaks so you can compare and save. Victorville and surrounding areas have a unique set of challenges regarding pipe leaks, so calling a local leak detective is a smart start.

Plumber using leak-detector in home

Call (760)486-7806 if you have water loss and do not know the cause. Once we find the problem a cost for slab leak repair can be quoted and a plan devised.

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